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5 things NOT to do in your Best Man Speech


Richard Ford

As a Best Man, delivering a memorable wedding speech is a great responsibility. It's important to strike the right balance between humour, heartfelt sentiments, and appropriate content. To help you navigate the dos and don'ts of best man speeches, we've compiled a list of the top 5 things you should avoid mentioning in your speech.

Let Life is a Speech, ensure your Best Man speech is a hit and creates lasting memories for the newlyweds and their guests.

Too Many Embarrassing Moments

You know your Groom best, but do you know all the guests. It's obviously a personal call but try to avoid sharing potentially inappropriate stories about the Groom in your Best Man speech. So this means not talking about what happened on the stag do, bachelor party or bucks night! You can make a reference to it of course, but don't go into details! You don't want the world's quickest divorce.

While a light-hearted joke or anecdote can add humour, it's crucial to keep it within the boundaries of good taste and maintain the Groom's dignity. Remember, the goal is to celebrate the couple's love, not embarrass them.

Past Relationships

Steer clear of mentioning the Groom's past relationships or any romantic escapades. This day is all about the couple's journey together, so focus on celebrating their love, commitment, and future together. Mentioning ex-partners can create discomfort and shift the spotlight away from the main event. You don't want to get on the bad side of the other half.

Sure, you can joke about certain aspects about how he wasn't a ladies man or small references, but again don't go into details. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to hear it.

Best Man Speech
Be more Best Man otherwise they may Stand Up and Walk away!

Private Jokes and References

While private jokes can be amusing for a select few, they might leave the majority of the audience feeling left out or confused. So no aiming it at your friends as you may get a laugh at first, but after a while it will get tiresome. Also be conscious when you are referring to individuals especially nicknames. Not everyone will know who Dodgy Dave is!

Avoid referencing personal moments or jokes that only a few people are familiar with. Instead, aim for inclusivity and choose stories or anecdotes that resonate with a broader audience.

Controversial or Sensitive Topics

You know what these probably will be so it's essential to maintain a positive and joyful atmosphere during the wedding reception. Avoid discussing controversial or sensitive topics that could potentially offend or upset the couple or their guests.

So basically anything you wouldn't speak about at a dinner party or with individuals you don't fully know. So that means steer clear of politics, religion, money etc or anything that might spark disagreement or discomfort.

Lengthy Stories or Rambling

If you have to give a backdrop to the story, its probably not worth keeping it so keep your speech concise and engaging. While it's important to share heartfelt sentiments, avoid rambling or going off on tangents. Long-winded speeches can quickly lose the attention of the audience and become tedious.

Try to ensure the story backs up some key point or trait you're talking about e.g. if he's vain, then what tale shows that or if he's reliable, when did he show it. Focus on key moments, heartfelt wishes, and concise stories that captivate and entertain.

So then crafting a Best Man speech that strikes the right chord is an art. By avoiding these five potential pitfalls, you can ensure your speech is a memorable and enjoyable moment for everyone involved. Remember to maintain a balance between humour, heartfelt emotions, and appropriateness, keeping the couple's special day at the centre of your speech. Follow these guidelines, and your best man speech is sure to be a highlight of the wedding celebration.

And if you're still stumped for ideas then contact Richard who will craft and coach you on an amazing speech at or simply go to look for yourself at Life is a Speech, has got your back!


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