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Are you in the LGBTQ+ community? We want to celebrate your success.

Love is love and I’ll work with you to create the perfect bespoke speech that meets your individual needs.

Couples still ask whether their wedding speeches should be delivered differently, depending on how they identify. The answer is a resounding no!

Regardless of whether you identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Pansexual or Genderfluid, love is love, and your speech shouldn't be any different. I understand that it can be hard for anyone to find the right words to say at a wedding, especially if you're not used to writing creatively. That's where we come in.

Like with any wedding, it’s important for your speech to be tailored to your individual needs. That’s why my service is bespoke and I’d love to discuss ideas with you. I have experience of writing speeches for a huge variety of weddings. And, my aim is to put your individual needs at the centre of my approach.

Don't let the pressure of writing your speech ruin your special day. Let us help you deliver a speech that reflects your love story and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Choose our service, and together, we'll create a speech that is unique and memorable for all the right reasons.


Rated 5* out of 415 verified reviews

Check out the rave reviews from our amazing clients and see for yourself why Life is a Speech is the choice for unforgettable wedding speeches.

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Jess D.        Spouse

Better than I could have hoped for.  The delivery was perfect and the jokes had everyone cracking up! 

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With over 400+ verified reviews and over 1000 speeches crafted and coached on, Life is a Speech has the skills and expertise to make your speech unforgettable, so let me take the pressure off and craft a treasure trove of magical memories for your speech.  We are so confident in our services, that they come with a bold guarantee - your complete satisfaction, or your money back.


You won't be left speechless...but everybody else will!


What package suits you

Crafting and delivering the perfect Wedding Speech is all about personalisation. I understand that no two relationships are the same, and therefore no two speeches should be either. 

Whether you want to deliver a heartwarming tribute or a comedic masterpiece, I will work closely with you to ensure that your Wedding Speech is an unforgettable moment on the big day.

We offer various components to our packages:


Your wonderful wedding speech.  Pure and simple the main event.

Topic Research

Any additional research needed e.g. researching their wedding website.

Fast Track

Do you need your speech at the very last minute (sometimes the day before). 

Video Tips

A pre-recorded video, where I walk through some public speaking tips and tricks.

Video Call

A Zoom / Teams / FaceTime to discuss your requirements.

Video Coaching

121 Public Speaking coaching on your speech.


Informal coaching via direct messaging.

Revision / Length

Understanding how long you want to speak for.

Choose Your Perfect Fit
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