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Groomed for Greatness


Richard Ford

Now there no reason to put off writing your Groom wedding speech until the eleventh hour, even if you're usually a last-minute person.

Sadly, Grooms seldom experience a stroke of genius just a couple of weeks before their wedding, so it's best to invest time and effort into crafting your speech well in advance. Let Life is a Speech, set you up for success with some tips, tricks and tales.

Create a solid foundation for your speech, adjusting the introduction and toast as needed to accommodate a smaller gathering or a larger crowd that's thrilled to celebrate together.

Tell your story

Share some personal stories about your relationship, such as a funny tale from your early dating days or challenges you overcame while planning the wedding. If you've both chosen your wedding attire and accessories without any drama, congratulate yourselves on a job well done.

Don't hesitate to mention any tough times you may have faced; your guests can likely relate. Humour can be a great way to lighten the mood and connect with your audience.

Groom bowtie
We can't help you bow ties, but we let us tie the knot with your wedding speech

Try to be original

Everyone thinks their partner is attractive, kind, and amazing etc. But how? What examples can you give to show this. Do they make you breakfast in bed, or have they helped you through a depression. It's great to connect the dots.

Highlight their unique traits—maybe wedding planning brought out their hidden talents or their dedication to involving loved ones in the ceremony.

Find the Funny

It's not the Best Man speech, but adding some funny comments always works. Whether that's about your family, the wedding party or even the Bride. But remember it's light hearted humour not roasts!

Say thanks

Hit a few icebreakers to start with and relax YOU and the guests. You don't need to thank everyone at the wedding, but do cover off the wedding party and say why.

Avoid giving out gifts at the wedding as that can derail your winning speech!

How long?

We believe it's up to you as we've crafted and coached on speeches ranging from 3 to 10 minutes. It's your wedding, but the longer you go, remember to still keep it engaging.

Watch yourself

Confident delivery is crucial, and relying on liquid courage is a myth. Limit yourself to one drink before your speech. Using notes is acceptable, but be sure to familiarise yourself with your speech beforehand.

Film yourself practicing your speech, analyse your performance, and make adjustments as needed. Remember to delete the recording to avoid any pre-wedding leaks!

Speak more slowly than you normally would, maintain eye contact with your guests, and be prepared for friendly heckle!

In Summary

In conclusion, crafting the perfect Groom's speech is an art that requires a blend of storytelling, humour, heartfelt gratitude, and brevity. While tying a bow tie might be a tricky endeavor, delivering an unforgettable speech is a task you can conquer with the right approach and preparation.

Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your speech-writing journey, and remember to stay true to yourself and your unique experiences. With a touch of practice and confidence, you'll be sure to leave a lasting impression on your wedding day.

So, go forth and create a speech that not only celebrates your love story but also resonates with your audience and leaves them with cherished memories. Cheers to your big day!

And if you're still stumped for ideas then contact Richard who will craft and coach you on an amazing speech at or simply go to look for yourself at Life is a Speech, has got your back!


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