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Father of the Bride Guide | There I Do and I Don't


Richard Ford

Are you getting ready to deliver an unforgettable Father of the Bride speech on your daughter's wedding day? Well, look no further, our creative director, Richard Ford, the Wedding Speech Coach at Life is a Speech, has speech examples, top-notch tips, and cheeky advice. Chin up, and let's dive in!

In the land of traditional wedding speeches, the Father of the Bride usually kicks off the show, serving as the opening act for the Groom and Best Man. It's your time to shine and set the stage for an evening of laughter and love...

The Father of the Bride Speech Guide

Your speech should start by giving a warm thanks to the wedding guests for attending, recognising your daughter's new in-laws, and welcoming your new son or daughter-in-law to the family.

Now, while the Best Man speech is known for its humour, the Father of the Bride speech has always been more of a heart-warming affair. But who says you can't throw in a bit of wit and charm? With some effort, your speech will be the talk of the town!

Father of the Bride speech
Show them they are head and shoulders above everyone else in your life.

Whether you're aiming for a short-and-sweet affair or fancy basking in the spotlight, your Father of the Bride speech should contain some key elements to keep up with tradition. Here's a simple template for you to follow:

  1. A dashing introduction: Present yourself and your family to the guests.

  2. Welcome the guests, perhaps giving a shout-out to a few special ones.

  3. Give a hearty thanks to the bridesmaids and wedding party.

  4. Share some amusing stories or anecdotes about your daughter.

  5. Discuss your great son-in-law or daughter-in-law.

  6. Reflect on your personal experiences to share a nugget of wisdom.

  7. Raise a toast to the happy couple.

Let's break down each section of your Father of the Bride speech...

Introduce yourself

Kick things off with your name and perhaps a cheeky joke to lighten the mood and calm your nerves.

Welcome the Wedding Guests

Offer a warm welcome to everyone, expressing gratitude for their presence. Don't forget to mention the Bride's mum and the Groom's parents as well.

Share a Bit About Your Daughter

Recount a hilarious anecdote or share how proud you are of the amazing woman she's become. This is her big day, so make it memorable and touching.

Instead of simply declaring your love, focus on the moments that have made you beam with pride. Describe the times that illustrate her importance in your life.

Discuss how you secretly sobbed after she left for Uni, your sleepless nights while she backpacked through Africa, or your worry when she hasn't rung you all day. Trust us, there won't be a dry eye in the room!

Talk About Your Son-in-Law

Officially welcome the Groom into your family. Share your first impressions or a moment when you knew he was a keeper. Keep the tone positive and forward-looking as you embrace him as a family member.

Parting Wisdom

As the elder statesman at the wedding, it's your duty to impart some pearls of wisdom to the happy couple. Whether it's about maintaining a strong marriage or living a joyous life, make it count. This is also a prime opportunity to sprinkle in some humour, but mind the line between cheeky and tasteless. You don't want to ruffle any feathers.

Toasting to the happy couple

Conclude by inviting everyone to stand and raise their glasses in honour of the newlyweds. Although the Best Man will perform a similar gesture in his speech, it's the traditional way to close yours.

So, there you have it! With this guide in hand, you're ready to craft a father of the bride speech that's equal parts heart-warming and amusing. Remember, the key is to stay true to your experiences and emotions while adding a dash of humour to keep the guests entertained. Now, go forth and deliver a speech that'll leave everyone in stitches and tears!

And if you're still stumped for ideas then contact Richard who will craft and coach you on an amazing speech at or simply go to look for yourself at Life is a Speech, has got your back!


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