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Our Father of the Bride wedding speech service is customised for you, focusing on the special bond with your child.


Deliver a memorable speech that truly expresses your feelings and makes their day even more special.

The Father of the Bride speech is one of the most significant moments of the wedding reception. And, for many Brides this will be something they’ve dreamt of for many years.

It's your chance to welcome the guests, express your love and pride for your daughter, and offer some words of wisdom to the newlyweds. I’ll help you to get it right, so it will be a poignant moment that will leave a lasting impact on all the wedding guests.

I appreciate what a responsibility this is and how important it will be for you to strike the right tone and deliver a speech to be proud of.  ​I can assure you I’ll use my expertise to make sure I walk you through the process and will craft a speech that sounds like you and gets across everything you’ve had running through your head in an engaging way.

With over 500+ verified reviews and over 1300 speeches crafted and coached on, Life is a Speech has the skills and expertise to make your speech unforgettable, so let me take the pressure off and craft a treasure trove of magical memories for your speech. I are so confident in our services, that they come with a bold guarantee - your complete satisfaction, or your money back.


Be sentimental. Be funny. Be memorable.

"You won't be left speechless but everyone else will be..."


How do you work your magic?
(in 4 easy steps)

1. Choose your speech

To secure your personalised speech, simply select and purchase your desired package directly on our page.

Whether you're the
Best Man, Father of the Bride, Groom, or Maid of Honour, we have a tailored option just for you.

Pick the package that best suits your role and needs

2. Choose your package

Do you want to say a few words or invest a lot into this crucial part of the wedding?  

There are FOUR packages to choose from Standard, Premium, Elite and Prestige.

Select which one appeals to you most and add to the cart.

3. Choose your story

You'll be asked to fill in 10 questions which allow me to pull and tease the great stories from your treasure chest of memories.
I'll use these words to craft an amazing speech that will cover the right level of emotion, fun and sentiment.

Payment can be made with your preferred card, Paypal or pay in installments. 

4. Life is a Speech will do the rest!
I'll dive headfirst using research and the fine-tuning of the stories and words, whilst you sit back and relax knowing that's one less wedding stress. 

You can reach out to me and can make revisions / additions as we go along too.

Within 24 hours to 10 days, you'll receive your brand spanking new speech.  Along with tips, tricks and techniques.

Choose Your Perfect Package

Life is a Speech offer four distinct packages allows us to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, ensuring every client receives a service that’s perfectly suited to them.

From basic speech crafting to comprehensive coaching and VIP support, our tiered options ensure you find exactly the level of assistance you’re looking for. Whether it's your first time speaking at a wedding or you're seeking to elevate an already polished speech, there's a package designed with you in mind. 


The esSentials

  • Description: Our Standard package is perfect for those looking to make a heartfelt impression without the stress.

  • Includes: Speech writing, topic research, and a 5-minute crafted speech that balances fun with heartfelt messages.



  • Description: Elevate your speech with our Premium package. Enjoy everything in the Standard package plus exclusive access to a video filled with tips and tricks to perfect your delivery.

  • Includes: Everything in the Standard package, plus a video guide and extra revisions.



  • Description: The Elite package offers comprehensive support. Alongside the crafted speech and video guide, benefit from personalised video coaching.

  • Includes: Everything in the Premium package, with the addition of personalised video coaching sessions via video calls.



  • Description: Our Prestige package is the pinnacle of speech preparation services

  • Includes: A comprehensive VIP service including a consultation call, bespoke speech writing, a video guide with tips, personalised coaching calls, and round-the-clock VIP support.