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Looking for help to write and deliver an amazing Wedding Speech?

I will Coach, Craft and Create an Amazing Wedding Speech for you!

I will Coach, Craft and Create an Amazing Wedding Speech for you!

"You won't be left speechless but everyone else will be..."

Hi, I'm Richard Ford, the Wedding Speech Coach and founder of 'Life is a Speech'. 

And are you facing the daunting task of delivering a Best Man SpeechGroom SpeechFather of the Bride or Chief Bridesmaid / Maid of Honour/ Honor Speech


Then let 'Life is a Speech' help and you'll be able to turn those memories, stories and quirky traits to create a wedding speech with laughter and timeless tears!​ 

Think of me as your ice-breaker, party starter and your secret weapon in ensuring an unforgettable speech!  


Together, we'll ensure your speech is the highlight of the wedding reception and remembered for all the right reasons. 

Be sentimental. Be funny. Be memorable.

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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Feeling nervous about your Wedding Speech?

For you, stepping up to the microphone might feel like a mountain to climb, especially when your heart's racing and all eyes are on you.


But imagine, that instead of nerves, you're filled with unshakeable confidence.  Below is how I can help you achieve that.



Are you a Best Man Speech, a Groom Speech, a Father of the Bride Speech, or a Bridesmaid

Choose your preferred option here



Our packages - Standard, Premium, Elite and Prestige - cater to every need.

Would you like help by video, some coaching or public speaking help?



Between 24 hours to 10 days, you'll receive an amazing memorable speech. 

But don't just take my word for it. Check out over 430 + 5* Star Testimonials here

Watch my video and it will show how we'll embark on the journey together.  And turn your speech into the highlight of the day.

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How can I solve your speech worries?

Life is a Speech, we specialise in crafting unforgettable moments for any role you play in the big day. Whether you're the Best Man tasked with delivering laughs and heartfelt sentiments, the Groom wanting to express your love and gratitude, the Father of the Bride sharing cherished memories, a Bridesmaid celebrating the bond of friendship, or looking for a speech that beautifully represents LGBTQ+ love, we have you covered.


Our expertise lies in tailoring each speech to perfectly fit the occasion, ensuring your words leave a lasting impression. So, tell us, what speech do you want?

Our Working Process: Simple Steps to Your Speech? 



To secure your personalised speech, simply select and purchase your desired package directly on our page.



There are FOUR packages to choose from Standard, Premium, Elite and Prestige.

Select which one appeals to you most and add to the cart.



You'll be asked to fill in 10 questions which allow me to pull and tease the great stories from your treasure chest of memories.



I'll craft and create your killer speech, whilst you sit back and relax knowing that's one less wedding stress. 

Within 24 hours to 10 days, you'll receive your perfect wedding speech.

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Meet your Wedding Speech coach...


With many years tucked under my belt as a Wedding Speech Coach, I feel I've mastered the art of turning wedding speech anxieties into applause-worthy moments. 

If you want to know how I founded Life is a Speech and why.  Dive in to find out more.

And let's see if I can create perfect mix of laughter and tears to transform your special day and how you can solve your speech woes?

Less Hype.  More Write.

While Life is a Speech is more about delivering unforgettable speeches than flaunting our accolades, here are a few places where our work has made waves...

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Life is a Speech also hosts and produces a wedding podcast!


A Groom with a View" is a unique podcast that brings a new angle to wedding planning, specifically designed for Grooms and Best Men. It simplifies the wedding journey, offering actionable advice, insights, and tips to ensure grooms are fully ready for their big day.

An in-depth episode regarding wedding speeches can be heard here and the rest of the podcast episodes can be listened to here.

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Join the Wedding Party



1300+ wedding speeches crafted, created and coached on.

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Golden Star
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436 verified testimonials with an average of 4.9* out of 5.

24 hours

24 hour turnaround available on your speech

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4 types of speech - Standard, Premium, Elite and Prestige 

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You get 1 to 1 relationship with me (no contractors, AI or collaborators)


But don't just take my word for it...

Explore our testimonials and see how I've helped transform speech anxiety into standing ovations. From tackling common speech worries to boosting confidence, our clients' success stories showcase the impact of Life is a Speech's expertise.

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