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Do you want to Master the Art of Public Speaking and Overcome Anxiety in Just 7 Weeks?

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Hi, I'm Richard Ford - Life is a Speech, and I will guide you through this transformative journey. 


I'm here to empower you to speak confidently, no matter the setting or scenario.

For many, the fear of public speaking or communicating to others, can be crippling, holding them back from expressing their ideas with the impact they deserve. 


I understand first hand the overwhelming nerves and self-doubt that can plague you.

Trust me; I've been there too. 

Let me ask you a question.  Are you frustrated with the time it's taking to overcome your speaking fear or tired of getting lost in a sea of unhelpful YouTube videos without a clear focus on improving your communication skills?  Exactly! That’s why it’s soon you’ll be able to conquer this.

Now I want you to imagine, if you could step onto that stage with  confidence or speak in meetings and 121's with with poise and impact?  Through personalised coaching and strategic guidance, you'll gain the skills to shine in any setting all within 7 weeks!  Are you ready for that breakthrough?


Take that leap of faith and triple your confidence in the art of public speaking today. Embrace the power of your voice and make a lasting impact on any audience. Don't hesitate—let's get you talking confidently today!

Let's Talk

Transform your communication journey today!


It's a necessity to be able to communicate and speak well in a post pandemic world.  Speaking well directly influences your personal and professional achievements.

Is your challenge climbing the corporate ladder, or do want to present well or even have a really good script?

That's where I come in, with my crafted, created and coached my packages that will be equipped you with a powerful set of tactics that can be applied both virtually and in face to face, bringing immediate impact and results.

This transformation is achieved by placing emphasis on unveiling and refining your unique speaking style, ensuring authenticity and genuine connection with your audience.

Anyone can do it and so can you.  In less than 7 weeks too.  I've helped hundreds of clients and now I can help you. 

How I will elevate you.

I can transform your communication in TWO ways



Public Speaking
Presentations & Performance

  • The Speaker's Edge Programme

  • Public Speaking Improvement

  • Speaking up in Meetings

  • Improve your 121's

  • Manage upwards effectively

Conquer your Anxiety. 

Coach your Communication.

Improve Public Speaking.

Speech Writing
Craft and Coach on your Speech or Presentation

  • Collaborate on message and tone.

  • Research for tailored content.

  • Create logical structure.

  • Craft engaging words.

  • Write an amazing speech.

  • Deliver killer slides.

Getting rid of Brain Blockage. 

Convey your ideas in slides.

Elevate your words.

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What My Clients Say:

Paul Ross
Software Telecomms Transformation Manager
"Richard's coaching has transformed my public speaking journey.
His tailored approach, from effective communication techniques to engaging delivery, has elevated my performance.
Working with him has been a rewarding experience, and I highly recommend his services."
Maria Lavide
HR Director
"Life is a Speech enhanced my public speaking skills but also supported my HR journey. 
His comms and dedication have made a significant difference in both my professional growth and confidence.
I would rave about him to anyone seeking to excel in their role and beyond."



I am a global public speaker, NLP coach, hypnotherapist, speech writer and founder of Life is a Speech.

With a Degree in Communication Studies, a background in theatre, film, and television along with years within several senior corporate roles,  I created 'Life is a Speech' wanting to help others bring the best out of themselves.

My approach blends my experience as an actor and communication expert with my practical experience as a leader in the retail, agribusiness, advertising, and tech industries.

My goal is to give you the confidence to present the best version of yourself when communicating with others and speaking in public. 

My ability is to shine in the spotlight is key to your success.

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