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Success Stories

Whitewashed Brick

I work a lot with numbers and with a recent promotion, I realised that I now have to present and be engaging.  

Richard worked with me patiently giving me confidence, skills and stability to deliver.   

I'll never be the most charismatic or a comedian, but simple coaching has transformed my career.

Andrea M. | Assistant Vice President

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In my role, public speaking is part of my job, but it was never my forte.  Richard enhanced my public speaking skills but also supported my HR journey.

His comms and dedication have made a significant difference in both my professional growth and confidence.

I would rave about him to anyone seeking to excel in their role and beyond.

Maria L. | Human Resources Director

Whitewashed Brick
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Richard's coaching has transformed my public speaking journey.
His tailored approach, from effective communication techniques to engaging delivery, has elevated my performance.
Working with him has been a rewarding experience, and I highly recommend his services.

Paul R.  Software Telecomms | Transformation Manager


My experience with Richard was amazing. He heard me, he had me catching my breath as I read my own thoughts.


I highly recommend Richard. I’ll be using him again and again and again.

Altreisha F. | Public Speaker

Whitewashed Brick
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Working with Richard has transformed my approach as a Project Manager.
His support helped me overcome my challenges in asserting myself during meetings. Now, I lead discussions with confidence, ensuring my ideas are heard and respected.
Richard's coaching is a game-changer for me as I've seen and heard!

Charlotte P. | Project Manager

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Richard's coaching revolutionised my role. His strategies amplified my communication impact, vital in the tech industry.

With his guidance, I now confidently present intricate concepts, bolstering client connections and account growth.

Dan B. | Technology Account Director

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I had to negotiate some tough conversations at work, and I was losing sleep over it. Life is a Speech taught me not just to navigate, but to excel in these challenging situations.


The methodologies and real-life scenarios we practiced were eye-openers.  My capacity to manage difficult people and situations has improved dramatically, and so has my self-esteem.

Anwen J . | Marketing Manager

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Public speaking anxiety was affecting not only my performance at work but also my personal life.


Richard offered a tailored coaching experience that was genuinely transformative. I went from stuttering and freezing in front of an audience to delivering a keynote at a major conference. His coaching has given me the confidence that has rippled positively through every aspect of my life.

Farah N. | Department Head Academic Institution

Whitewashed Brick

Being in a technical field, communicating complex data in an understandable way is always a challenge. Richard taught me the art of simplification without sacrificing depth.


I loved his framework!

Steve R. | Data Scientist

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As a CEO, public speaking is part of my job, but writing speeches is something I struggle with. Richard didn't just write my speech; he crafted a narrative that resonated with the audience and represented me authentically.


I've used Life is a Speech several times and the end result always feels like something I would say, only infinitely more polished and compelling.

Carlos V. | CEO

Join the Wedding Party

Writing a speech isn't easy for everyone, but with the right bespoke help, we can all deliver a speech that's remembered for all the right reasons. As a Wedding Speech Coach, I'll listen to you and understand what you'd like to achieve by delivering your speech. Importantly, I aim to address any worries or concerns you may have about both crafting and delivering the perfect speech.

Crafting and delivering a speech can be a daunting prospect and a big responsibility. It's not easy to figure out how to create a speech that achieves what you want it to, whether that's making people laugh or cry.


But, I get it, and that's why I'm here to work with you on a one-to-one basis to provide you with the tools and content you need. With over 20 years of experience and having worked with over 1000 people to craft and deliver speeches that fit their brief, you can trust that you're in good hands.




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