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It's only proper and right that the Matriarch of the family speaks on their child's big day.

You've made a major impact on their lives from cradle to wedlock.  This is your chance in front of all to tell them what they mean.​

Why should fathers have all the fun?  Maybe it's your daughter, son or you are a motherly figure who's been asked to speak. 

We know you've been a shining light to your child and what better way to share than in a speech.  A combination of tears, wine and public speaking may shake you, but with our help, you'll deliver the right emotions and words to everyone.

Also potentially a chance to tell your child off one last time!

If you've never written a speech or stood up speaking live, then I can help.   I've written hundreds of speeches for all types of individuals, so if I can help them.  I can help you...

Below is how I will shape and craft your Mother of the Bride or Groom Wedding Speech:  

  • Introduction:   Whether you are a mother to the bride or groom you can introduce yourself with a killer hook and ensure your audience is listening from the first word to the ending toast.


  • Thank You's / Toasts: You don't need to thank everyone, but there is a goldmine of emotion and humour including how you know the individual and any childhood memories.

  • Your relationship to the Groom / Bride:  You can set the scene with some backstories on knowing them since birth or a young age along with meeting their respective partner.


  • Shared Stories:  What amazing nights, trips and adventures together or fantastic events can you share?  We'll put pen to paper and make those happy times come alive.  Whether funny, sentimental, or emotional, together we'll paint that picture that the guests will love.


  • Go Home Time:  Always finish strong and normally this our chance to be more sentimental.  Yes, you do need to say a few nice things! Before you sign off and pat yourself on the back for a good job well done

With the information you give me, I'll design the perfect speech that will exceed your expectations.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? (in 4 easy steps)

1. Choose your package

Now you've chosen what speech you want.  It's time to choose the package.

2. Fill it in

The set questions allow me to pull and tease the great stories from your treasure chest of memories. I'll use these words to craft an amazing speech full of originality, humour and emotion. 

3. Work my magic

The set questions allow me to pull and tease the great stories from your treasure chest of memories.
I'll use these words to craft an amazing speech full of originality, humour and emotion. 

4. Deliver the guarantee

If you require it, you can receive:

  • WhatsApp support

  • Video coaching

  • Rehearsal

  • A prep call on the big day


Our most inexpensive option for a quick speech. 


This is for a few words with your wedding speech, but may not be suitable for most weddings.

  • ​500 - 1500 word speech

  • Topic Research

  • Free Revision

  • 5-day delivery

  • 24-hour turn over available

Our most popular wedding speech option! 


Many clients choose this wedding speech for many stories and memories, though if you like to go to town then Elite is the best wedding speech option.

Also I will provide a video to coach you through the speech.

  • 500 - 2000 word speech

  • Video Coaching

  • Topic Research

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • 5-day delivery 

  • 24-hour turn over available

For a more dedicated wedding speech service. 


Have you got lots of memories, jokes, good times and really want to have fun, then we suggest this wedding speech.


Also comes with one Facetime / Video coaching and WhatsApp help.​

  • ​500 - 2500 word speech

  • Video Coaching

  • Facetime / Phone Call

  • Video Coaching

  • Topic Research

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • 24-hour turn over available

Unlimited Coaching

Unlimited Words

Unlimited Support

  • Night and Day

  • Bespoke Service

  • Video Coaching

  • WhatsApp

  • Prep call on the day

  • The Full Works