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Wedding suit
Wedding suit


This is the main opportunity at a wedding for the Groom to shine!
The Groom wedding speech is the best time to stand out and the biggest opportunity ever for you to tell everyone what your family, friends, and partner mean to you.

This is your opportunity as the Groom to articulate what your partner means to you.

I’ll work with you to strike the perfect balance and will craft a heart-felt speech that does you and your partner’s relationship justice.

As the Groom, your wedding day is a day you'll never forget. It's a day filled with joy, happiness, and love. And, as the Groom, you'll be expected to give a speech that is memorable, heartfelt, and entertaining. Your wedding speech is your opportunity to thank your guests, celebrate your partner, and share your love story with those closest to you.

But, writing and delivering a great Groom's speech is no easy task. It can be nerve-wracking to stand up in front of a room full of family and friends and speak from the heart.


Also, it's important to remember that as a Groom your speech should be a reflection of you and your relationship with your partner. So, let's take the time to craft a great Groom's speech, and let your love and appreciation for your partner shine through in every word.


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Check out the rave reviews from our amazing clients and see for yourself why Life is a Speech is the choice for unforgettable wedding speeches.


Jamie B.        Groom

I was struggling with nerves, but Richard coached me through every step!

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What Package Suits You

Crafting and delivering the perfect Wedding Speech is all about personalisation. I understand that no two relationships are the same, and therefore no two speeches should be either. 

Whether you want to deliver a heartwarming tribute or a comedic masterpiece, I will work closely with you to ensure that your Wedding Speech is an unforgettable moment on the big day.

We offer various components to our packages:


Your wonderful wedding speech.  Pure and simple the main event.

Topic Research

Any additional research needed e.g. researching their wedding website.

Fast Track

Do you need your speech at the very last minute (sometimes the day before). 

Video Tips

A pre-recorded video, where I walk through some public speaking tips and tricks.

Video Call

A Zoom / Teams / FaceTime to discuss your requirements.

Video Coaching

121 Public Speaking coaching on your speech.


Informal coaching via direct messaging.

Revision / Length

Understanding how long you want to speak for.

Groom Package

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