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Prestige Wedding Speech

Prestige Wedding Speech


Prestige Package: The VIP Orator Experience

  • Description: Our Prestige package is the pinnacle of speech preparation services, designed for those who accept nothing but the best. Start with a consultation call to define your vision, followed by bespoke speech writing, a video guide, and personalized coaching. Enjoy VIP support throughout your journey, culminating in a thunderous speech that's not just heard but felt by every guest.
  • Includes: A comprehensive VIP service including a consultation call, bespoke speech writing, a video guide with tips, personalized coaching calls, and round-the-clock VIP support.
  • Details


    Topic Research

    Video Tips & Tricks

    Video Call

    Video Coaching


    Unlimited Words

    Unlimited Revisions

  • Additions and Revisions

    Once the speech has been sent to you, you can reply back with any additions.

  • Completion Time

    Between 24 hours and 10 days, depending on the option you choose and when you supply the information.

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