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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer for wedding speeches?


Life is a Speech offers comprehensive services for anyone involved in a wedding, from the the Groom himself to the Best Man, Bridesmaid or Maid of honor, and family members like the Father of the Bride. Our services include speech writing, coaching on delivery, and tips for engaging the audience effectively.

How long does it take to create my wedding speech?


The journey to becoming an exceptional communicator is ongoing. However, you can see remarkable changes in as few as 2-3 focused sessions if you're committed to daily practice.

The process begins with an initial consultation to understand your needs and the tone of your event. We then move into crafting your speech, incorporating your personal stories and desired messages. This is followed by coaching sessions to fine-tune delivery and ensure you're comfortable and confident for the big day.

How do you personalize wedding speeches for each client?


Every speech is crafted based on personal stories, experiences, and traits you have of the person you're speaking for.  With a personalised set of questions, I used your memories and the messages you wish to convey, ensuring your speech is as unique as your story.

What makes 'Life is a Speech' different from other speechwriting services?


Unlike others, "Life is a Speech" is spearheaded by an individual with a decade of experience, a unique blend of skills from journalism to stand-up comedy, and a track record of success, including work with the BBC, NBC, and various celebrities.

I'm not experienced in public speaking. Can you help me deliver an unforgettable wedding speech?

Absolutely! With a background in journalism, stand-up comedy, and corporate speaking, I'm well-equipped to coach individuals at any level of public speaking experience. We focus on confidence-building, clear communication, and engaging storytelling to prepare you for your moment

How much are you?

Our pricing varies based on the level of service required, from simple speech writing to comprehensive coaching and rehearsal. For detailed pricing, please choose your package here.

Why shouldn't I use AI? Do you?

Have you already tried AI to write your wedding speech.  If so, that's probably why you're here.  AI lacks the personal touch for a wedding speech, which thrives on shared memories and emotions.


At "Life is a Speech," we combine personal experience and creativity, not AI, to craft speeches that genuinely reflect each individual's story and emotional depth. My background in journalism and stand-up comedy ensures your speech will resonate on a personal level, making it unforgettable.   Not a jumbled AI mess that people will know you didn't write.

Where can I find testimonials or reviews of your speeches.

Right here

How can I get started? 

Either choose your package and pay directly or contact me here for more

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