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Time to be his Rock!

You’ve been his go-to guy in life; now he needs you to be his wingman during this weighty rite-of-passage.  

Developing shared memories, I will use my experience and your knowledge for the inspiration of your emotional, but hilarious Best Man speech.​​

Now you're here, let's get started...​​


I'll shape my questions, so you'll give the best possible information and you're guaranteed success.


  • Introduction - Most of the audience will know your role, but it's still correct to introduce yourself along with a few placed jokes to set the scene!


  • Thank You's / Toasts - This should all be covered by the Father of the Groom / Groom, so we don't need too much.

  • First Meeting - Where did you meet the groom?  If you're family, then there is material there or if friends, many stories can be shared.  This is a gold mine for speeches, so we will tease the best out of them.  Whether funny, sentimental, or emotional, together we'll paint that picture that the guests will love.


  • Shared Stories -  Did you have amazing nights together or fantastic events shared?  We'll put pen to paper and make those happy times come alive.


  • Go Home Time - Always finish strong and normally this our chance to say nice about the happy couple before you sign off and pat yourself on the back for a good job done. 


Whether you want to speak for 5 or 15 minutes.  If you provide little information or rafts of stories, I can design the perfect speech that will exceed your expectations.


Now it is in my hands to provide a confidential customised service leaving you completely composed and confident.

I'll work hard to craft the ultimate speech for you whilst providing tips and tricks on delivery.  Advice on your body language, vocal tones and word usage.  

My speech will be unique and hit all the right spots when it comes to the event.  I offer many different services linked to the speech ranging from creating your words all the way up to Facetime / What's App video call on wedding day.

It's more than sending you something with little thought or a template.  Every wedding is special, so should be your speech! 

I also understand that it's not just what you say, but how you deliver it, so I can coach you with your nerves or concerns whilst proving the perfect words.  It's important you feel great speaking them...and you will!

Once completed, I'll send you the speech for revision and when happy then we can guide you to the big day...


It's time to speak the speech.  Don't worry, I know how you feel and have delivered many speeches - it's perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious, so let's use this nervous energy to perform brilliantly.  Remember EVERYBODY is on your side!

  • Practice - It's good to remember key words and use cue cards to keep you honest.  Nobody is expecting a Shakespeare soliloquy and people expect some nerves, so just nail certain areas of the speech and you'll be fine.​​​​


  • Mics - Try to handle the mic in advance and even better if you test it.  At home, if you don't have one, then use a TV remote or even a hairbrush.  Don't hold it too close to your mouth or too far way.  Just a couple of inches away is fine.

  • Acoustics - Check how the room is set up - is it large or small?, high or low ceilings? Any background noise? If you're not the first to speak, then how loud does the other speech seem? It you're up at the start, then it's fine to start with a few 1 2's or "can you hear me at the back".   It's better to find out now, rather than guests telling you that they couldn't hear a word!

  • Food and Drink - Useful knowledge if you're on before or after the food.  Also if you drink alcohol, then having a drink might steady your nerves, but don't go crazy or everyone will regret it.  Remember have a glass of water to take sips from.

  • Cues and Pauses - I'll provide guidance on where to look and when to pause.  Remember people will laugh, toast and clap at your words, so make sure you give them chance.  It will also give you chance to breathe and soak in the good vibes.  This will build your confidence to start really enjoying yourself!

Remember if you choose our bespoke service, you can call us on the big day if you're got last minute questions or need some positive words.  I've got you covered!


Our most inexpensive option for a quick under 5 minutes speech.  This is for a few words, but may not be suitable for most weddings.

  • 500 - 1500 word speech

  • Topic Research

  • Free Revision

  • 5 day delivery

  • Quicker delivery at request

Our most popular option!  Many Best Men choose this as it allows a couple of stories and memories, though if you like to go to town then Elite is the best option.

  • 500 - 1500 word speech

  • Video Coaching

  • 2 Free Revisions

  • 5 day delivery

  • Quicker delivery at request

​For a more dedicated service.  Got lots of memories, jokes, good times and really want to have fun, then we suggest this one.  Also comes with one Facetime coaching and what's app communication. 

  • 500 - 2000 word speech

  • Free Skype Coaching

  • Call Video Coaching

  • 3 Free Revisions

  • 5 day delivery

  • Quicker delivery at request

​​For a more dedicated service.  Got lots of memories, jokes, good times and really want to have fun, then we suggest this one.  Also comes with one Facetime coaching and what's app communication. 

  • All included plus unlimited revisions and 121 Whatapp / Text messaging

  • A real personal service

If you have any questions or queries about the service then reach our directly. 

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