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Father and Son



Not sure where to start?  Here are some useful tips, tricks and hacks on your wedding speech.   


And if you want to save the time, stress and effort then you can contact us and we'll do the hard work for you!


tell your story

  • Introduction - It's traditional to introduce yourself as sometimes it isn't the Father of the bride but stepping in.  A quick intro sets the scene.  Also, you might be the first on the mic, so a quick 1 2 and can everyone hear you is always good (and a potential joke)

  • Thank You's / Toasts - You want to thank everyone for coming today.   It's your chance to be the father figure of the family and thank everyone for supporting the couple in their first steps into marriage.  You need to especially thank the Mother of the bride (even if you aren't together), your new in-laws and those who helped with the day.

  • Your Relationship - A fair bit of teasing is needed about her growing up, from baby to toddler to teenager.  If you're a step-father or have been asked to perform in the role, then recent events will be about how you met.  Also, don't forget her other half, you want to welcome them into your family (even if he wasn't your choice!), but kind words go long way!

  • Funny / Touching Tributes - What your daughter means to you and why she is special. 


  • Go Home Time - Don't spend too much time waffling on, but leave it with a big thank you for all coming and hope you have a great rest of the evening.

on the big day

  • Practice - It's good to remember keywords and use cue cards to keep you honest.  Nobody is expecting a Shakespeare soliloquy and people expect some nerves, so just nail certain areas of the speech and you'll be fine.​​​​

  • Check the venue - Take a look at where you'll be speaking.  See if you can stand in the spot and visualise.  Check how the room is set up - is it large or small? High or low ceilings? Any background noise? If you're not first to speak, then how loud does the other speech seem? If you're first, then it's fine to begin with a few 1 2's or "can you hear me at the back".   It's better to find out now, rather than guests telling you that they couldn't hear a word!

  • Timings - When roughly will you speak?  Is it before or after food?  You can a joke if people are hungry or they how the food went down.

  • Drinks - If you have alcoholic drinks, go easy!  There will be plenty of time after your speech to enjoy.  By all means, have a drink to steady nerves, but too much and you'll slur, stagger, forget your words and be remembered for the wrong reasons!  However, have a large glass of water beforehand and on the table ready.


  • Microphone / Cue Cards - If you have a mic, then try practising at home with one (cheap to buy) or use similar.  Cue cards are great but only put a few keywords on them as reminders of your stories.  Remember if one hand has a microphone and one had cue cards you limit yourself with hand movements.

  • Look around - Don't just look at your speech or one place.  Raise your head and scan the room.  If you don't want to catch people's eyes, aim for the top of their heads.


  • Sit down gracefully - Ensure people know it's the end of your great speech and sit down knowing you've performed amazingly!

Wedding Tent

Why not get rid of the stress and have me write your speech for you! You can tell me how fast you want the speech delivered.  

Would you like some extra coaching on a phone call or video consultation?  Maybe a recorded version of the speech?  

Once you've decided, it's now in my hands to provide a confidential customised service leaving you completely composed and confident.

I'll work hard to craft the ultimate speech for you whilst providing tips and tricks on delivery.  Advice on your body language, vocal tones, and word usage.  

My speech will be unique and hit all the right spots when it comes to the event.  

It's more than sending you something with little thought or a template.  Every wedding is special, so should be your speech! 

I also understand that it's not just what you say, but how you deliver it, so I can coach you with your nerves or concerns whilst proving the perfect words.  It's important you feel great speaking them...and you will!

Once completed, I'll send you the speech for revision via email and when happy then we can guide you to the big day...

So choose your Father of the Bride Wedding Speech here














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