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Public Speaking, Presentations
& Performance 


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Elevate your  speaking game in 7 weeks with:

The Speaker's Edge Program.

Boosting confidence, impact, and communication.  Improving your life and career.

Green Sweater


Looking for personalised coaching? Need assistance in 121's, meetings, or general communication? Let's shape your success together.

Motivational Lecture


Short speech or Ted Talk?

  • Engage your audience.

  • Unleash your potential.

  • And ignite the stage

Speak with confidence and impact.

Choose this if you want to:

Choose this if you want to:

Choose this if you want to:

Not sure which package is right for you?

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  • To train and transform your communication, confidence and speaking for the rest of your life.

  • Comprehensive coaching across the 7 point programme.

  • Improve your stage presence, story telling, anxiety, delivery, body language, vocal tone etc

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  • Elevate Meeting Participation

  • Master Effective One-on-Ones.

  • Increase Management Recognition.

  • Enhance Leadership Visibility.

  • Enhance Networking Skills.

  • Develop Persuasive Communication.

  • Improve Conflict Resolution.

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  • Short speech that’s under 5 minutes, introducing yourself, giving a toast.

  • Presentations that are less than 10 minutes or when you’re preparing to lead.

  • Delivering a keynote or pitching high-stakes investors or preparing for a TED-style talk.

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