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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really help someone as shy and nervous as me, especially when it comes to my career?

Absolutely! I've been in your shoes; shyness was my middle name growing up. I've spent 25 years fine-tuning the art of effective communication and public speaking. Trust me, if I can turn things around, so can you.

How much time does it take to become an effective communicator?


The journey to becoming an exceptional communicator is ongoing. However, you can see remarkable changes in as few as 2-3 focused sessions if you're committed to daily practice.

What are your rates? Do you offer payment plans?


You can find my current rates on my website. I do offer payment plans to make the coaching process more accessible.

Do you delve into the roots of my public speaking fears?


While I am not a licensed psychologist, we will explore your fears and anxieties to better understand them. Then, we'll focus on practical strategies to overcome them.

Do you offer remote sessions?

Yes, I offer 1:1 coaching remotely and also lead remote trainings for teams over video conference.

When is the best time to schedule sessions?

I can normally fit any busy schedule, reach out and we can talk.

Do you work with beginners?

Absolutely! I work with individuals at all levels of experience and customise my coaching to meet you where you are.

Can you customise training for my team?

Yes, I'd be happy to tailor a training program to suit the specific needs of your team.

Ready to make that career-defining change? Let's refine your communication skills and make you the leader you've always wanted to be.


Business Analyst


“I can't thank you enough for this transformative experience. I used to be the wallflower in business meetings, but Richard helped to find my voice. This has helped me in so many ways.”

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