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Transform your Communication


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Choose this if you want to:






Our Confident Communication Course will transform your life in 7 weeks with our exclusive CASCADE © approach.

  • Confidence Building

  • Anxiety Management

  • Structuring your Content

  • Cognitive Tools

  • Audience Connection

  • Delivery Engagement

  • Effective Storytelling

7 weeks to improve your life, career and well-being.

  • Elevate Meeting Participation.

  • Master Effective One-on-Ones.

  • Increase Management Recognition.

  • Enhance Leadership Visibility.

  • Enhance Networking Skills.

  • Develop Persuasive Communication.

  • Improve Conflict Resolution.


£1995 / $2400 / €2250


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Choose this if you want to:

  • You have a TED Talk, Dragon's Den, important presentation, seminar or speaking event.

  • Stuck on your speech and need help crafting, coaching and creating it.

  • Command Stage Presence.

  • Influence Audience Engagement.

  • Compelling Storytelling.

Our Speakers Edge Program can be one or many sessions which be writing your speech, coaching on delivery, and creating captivating slides. 

  • Ted Talks

  • Seminars / Training

  • Investor Pitches

  • Personal events such as Weddings, Retirements or Graduation.

  • Clubs and Societies

You won't be left speechless, but everybody else will!


£285 / $345 / €325


Public Speaking, Presentations & Performance Enhancement

Making that step upwards, going after that dream job or daunting task – but don't let lack of confidence or ineffective communication skills be your roadblock.

Our 7-week Confident Communication Course is designed to transform anxious professionals into empowered communicators.

it's an investment in your future. Propel yourself into the career you've always dreamed of in just 7 weeks. Are you ready to take the leap?


Speech Crafting, Story Structuring & Visual Presentation

It's tricky staring down the barrel of a big event, be it a wedding, an important presentation, or a make-or-break interview.


Feeling unprepared and anxious? Don't worry, I've got you covered.  Using the Speakers Edge Programme, we'll work together to fine-tune your message, craft a compelling story structure, and even create show-stopping slides that complement your speech. 


Let me help make it a memorable and unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Ready to elevate your speaking game? Let's make your next event a show-stopper!

Blue and Orange Spring Sale eCommerce Website Banner (1500 × 700 px) (1500 × 600 px) (1100


Marketing Manager


“Richard was oustanding! He delivered as promised and even more than expected. I can't thank him enough for being able to masterfully make my speech funny, emotional all the while staying inspirational. I would recommend him for anyone who is looking to polish up their speech. Thank you, Richard!”

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