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In 2014, Life is a Speech started with a wedding, a frustrated creative corporate individual, and need to deliver a Best Man Speech in front of 200 people!

You know when you go to parties.  And people ask you.  So what do you do for a living? And you can feel yourself going “Here we go!” before you’ve even finished the first sentence. 

That was me!  I reached a point where I wanted to find a way to combine my business sense from years in the corporate world with my creative background!  Something that would really light my passion and I could use those years of skills to make a difference. 

At the time, a lot of friends were getting married. A summer of weddings. I’d gone to a few weddings and I don’t know about you, but one of the things I really enjoy is the wedding speech! And I'd seen some terrible ones! That 'frustration' led me to a solution.

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So knowing I had a Best Man speech to deliver and realising that people struggled with writing and delivering their own speeches, I had an idea that there was a real need for someone who to help them craft and deliver an amusing, meaningful and memorable message.  And Life is a Speech was born!

Now we have a simple mission; enable and empower you to deliver on one of the biggest days of someone's life.

Remember the days of doing the things you loved? When you didn’t feel pressured into standing up or presenting something you weren’t 100% confident or happy about? 

Well Life is a Speech is committed to creating, crafting and coaching on speeches that puts you and your story first.  With years of experience crafting heartfelt, funny and memorable speeches, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke and tailored speeches that are uniquely yours.


"...Richard was able to take my ideas and turn them into an amazing speech.
It was a solid balance of light-hearted jokes and sentimental statements wrapped within the theme that I wanted. "

Martin, Best Man


What does Life is a Speech promise?

Name, Title

Personalised toasts that connect

I’ll craft with you a well-structured and eloquent speech, ensuring a smooth delivery that captures the guests attention and keeps them engaged throughout.

Strike the right balance of humour, sentiment, and emotion.

I’ll ensure your speech evokes laughter, tears, and warm feelings and creating a memorable experience for all.

Flowing and Funny

Having a professionally written speech will provide you with the confidence to deliver your toast with poise and charisma. And who doesn’t want to make everyone laugh

Public Speaking Coaching

Argh! The dreaded standing up and having to do the thing! No sweat, Life is a Speech will give you video coaching if you need it.

Save time and reduce stress of writing.

You know this one right? I’ll  be there from the start right till the finish. Whilst you sit back, stress free, sipping on cocktails.

Happy Tears!

Let's work together to create a speech that will be remembered for all the right reasons!

Book your wedding speech coaching session today

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